Friday, May 20, 2011

Ages of Grace

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In yet another perfectly obvious 'this is God's will" moment, today was the release of an Orthodox Christian, Charlotte Mason inspired homeschool curriculum called Ages of Grace. It is almost as if it was created just for me and my kids. We'll be using the first installment, Age of Triumph, starting in August. I will start collecting books right now.

Of course we're not waiting until fall to teach the kids about the Church. They are already learning along with us. Paidea Classics has a lot of free resource material for kids.


  1. I have the site opened up in a tab on my computer, but I still haven't looked through it all the way. I know Katherine worked really hard on it.

    I love Paidea Classics- there are a lot of great resources there.

  2. It's beautiful! As much as I love the Classical approach (and definitely lean that way by including Latin, copywork and dictation, etc) I am a Charlotte Mason gal. So it is a perfect match for us. I love the Paidea resources and will surely be including them in our year.


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