Sunday, May 29, 2011

Great Day

Today was the best Sunday ever for us as a family attending St. Nicholas. The kids really are (already) adjusting. After last Sunday, where Rome was obviously not feeling well and I felt he would never adjust, today was a beautiful blessing.

I stayed inside for almost the entirety of the Divine Liturgy, stepping out only once. Tristan & Kassi did so well, and even Anatoly stayed with me inside for the most part. Toly was anxious to kiss the cross at the end (Kassi had told him about it) so he waited through the entire liturgy. Karl took charge of Rome and worked wonders with him, He was fussy at first but Karl kept bringing him back. Eventually he got through to Rome and convinced him to come in quietly and listen. Rome fell asleep over Karl's shoulder to the sound of the liturgy. I am so grateful for Karl's patience.

I covered my hair and Kassi's today. We received a few comments about this, and I answered them honestly. I do not know how I will ultimately feel about covering by the time my Catechism is done.  Right now I have read several bits on the subject, and have to say I feel covering is in order. It truly only pertains to me and my family, and I do not mean to make others feel like they should follow suit. As it is I am the only one who covers other than some Russian families. I look forward to learning more from our parish scholar, reader, etc. about why most women do not cover in our church. And, perhaps, I will feel comfortable joining them.

Do you cover your hair at your church? Why or why not?


  1. I'm glad you had a good Sunday. Every now and then you get a burst of encouragement right when you need it.

    I cover my head, but I'm one of the few at our church. My girls do too. I never pushed them to do it, thinking that it would be better if I didn't make an 'issue' of it and engage in a power struggle. I just kept buying pretty and nifty scarves at Walmart ($1 each) and suggested things like, "this would look so pretty with that dress!" They all cover their heads although there is an occasional service when one won't. I never mention it. They don't resent covering their heads at all. We *did* tell them that they had no choice at the monastery while we were there, but they didn't balk.

    I've had a few comments over the years. Once, when we were on our way down the stairs to the hall for coffee hour from Liturgy, I heard a man call, "Presvytera! You don't have to cover your head - it's a *Greek* church!" to which I relplied, "It's an *Orthodox* church!" It ws taken well. I've never drawn attention to it, nor commented on women who don't. I also don't wear outrageously large scarves that double as shawls, or swathe myself so that I can barely be seen. When we've had newcomers or converts over the years who have quietly asked about it, I've always referred them to Father. If they expressed a desire to cover but were worried about it, I'd give some encouragement. By never saying a word I've had women start to cover their heads over the years. The reason I do it? I have a blessing to. Period. OTOH, I'd feel naked in church without one now, it's been so long.

  2. I too cover my head, in the imitation of the Theotokos... striving for humbleness not vanity, attending to the service not my self-image, concentrating on being closer to God not on whose eyes are watching me. I circulate a few scarves, one is more of a mantilla and is itchy so I do tie it in the back, one is a wider square, it covers me pretty fully- I'm okay with that, one is tied under. Often times, they're pulled down by one of the kids during service or it falls from the constant picking up and putting down a child but no matter, for Holy Communion it most certainly is back on! In our Parish (it's not very large) but Russian, Ukrainian, German women (this makes up 85%- 90% of the women) wear them.

  3. I suppose I should clarify that "because I have a blessing" is what I have a blessing to say if asked by a parishioner! Otherwise I agree with FFTT.

  4. In our jurisdiction all women cover their heads. When we have attended services at other churches I also cover my head. I tend to wear handkerchiefs or head pieces I have purchased at the drug store. They have a small scarf and and an elastic band that goes under your hair. These two pieces tend to work better for me since I am wrestling kids. If I were a full scarf it tends to fall off while I am wrestling with the kids. I do try and have my girls cover their heads. Pic pic usually keeps hers on her head. We are still working on Dan Dan, I don't fight her on it its more important to me that she stay in church quietly.

  5. I usually (and only recently started) covering my head. (Although, if you look at the recent photos of my blog, I am not covered because I barely managed to get out the door with all four children and completely forgot scarves both times. I usually keep one in my mailbox at church, but my husband brought it home one Sunday while I was still home with the newborn, so I need to bring it back).

    In our parish, maybe 1/4 of the women cover, but I decided to begin to for two reasons: 1) the scripture verse that speaks about wearing a head covering "because of the angels" and 2) because I would visit monasteries and wear them, so why would I not wear them in my own parish. I was really convicted by the second one and began reading up on it.

    It is only in recent years that women in general stopped covering. Even in most Protestant churches, up until the 1940-50s, women covered. So this is a new phenomenon. Anyway, that is what led me to do it, but I fully believe everyone woman needs to make that choice for herself. So do your research and follow your heart. :)


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