Monday, May 23, 2011

The Mind, the Heart and the Way of Salvation by Archimandrite Meletios Webber

Father Stephan sent us this article in .pdf form. If you are interested I would gladly email it to anyone. I can't cut and paste it easily because of the format. I love this article. I feel as though Father Stephan saw right into me and chose this one just for me. He mentioned this article not 20 minutes into our first sit-down. It is probably not possible to do the article justice without providing the whole thing, but here are some memorable quotes that speak loudly to me.

"Insofar as fragmentation is what is wrong with the human person, the reverse—
unification—is the path we are offered which leads to God’s healing and salvation.
Salvation is thus understood as being something therapeutic, not some form of legal
loop-hole, nor even a reward for a good life."

"Trying to count from one to ten without having an intervening thought
(including those inevitable ones like “Gosh, I’m able to count without having a
thought”) is extremely difficult."

"The mind is the great defense system needed to
process all the information which we receive. However, in so doing, the mind is
very self-centered, judgmental and fearful of attack. It expects and assumes the
worst from the world, from other people, and ultimately from God.
It is as if the mind had the task of writing one’s life history, and the title of this
history were always “Yes, but what about me?”

I know I have a lifelong journey ahead of me in Orthodoxy. But these simple insights are a perfect beginning: to see my internal struggles for what they are, remove the 'permissions' I have in place for them,  and then look beyond them to reality.


  1. what a blessing of an article! would be happy to see it myself... (roosjeblog @ yahoo . ca )

    Enjoy the beginning that you are in! it is a special and precious time! You're only, in one sense, new to this once (though there is so much to learn that one is not new but yet new and that is actually quite a relief)...

    so good to read your blog. I am happy you are here. Peace.

  2. I sent it. You know last night I went to read a book loaned to me, one I had not even glanced at. And can you believe it was written by Archimandrite Meletios Webber, and the first chapter was a revised version of the article quoted above!? Meant to be, I tell you. The book, btw, was Bread & Water, Wine & OIl.

    Thanks for your kind words.


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