Thursday, June 9, 2011

Karl News

Karl will probably be coming home this Saturday! Having him home be such a relief.

He will be at home with us for 4 weeks if all goes well. We'll be administering the IV antibiotics during that time. Doctors will keep a close watch on his heart health. Then he will return to the hospital for open heart surgery which will replace the heart valves (mitral and aortic) that were damaged by the sepsis. The surgery is very serious and will last about 5 hours. He will be on a heart/ lung bypass machine and general anesthesia. Afterwards, he will be in the hospital again for a week, then home for 3 months of recovery.

Right now we are struggling with a decision about which kind of valves. We are so early in the decision making process that we are not even sure we have a choice between the two. But if we do, it would be an important one. It seems like every day has an important development like this.

We are so appreciative of all who have helped us so far. It has allowed me to visit Karl, the kids to visit, us to eat and life to go on for the last week. The kids love the company of this 'village' atmosphere and so do I. We are excited for Karl's homecoming but frankly we may need more help for the first week with him back than when he was in the hospital.

Our friend Patricia Scott continues to organize the care calendar. She is adjusting it occasionally so that it best fits our needs. Now that we know Karl is coming home, we probably won't need rides after Saturday for instant. Karl and I will be going to numerous doctor visits, however, so childcare is perhaps more important on some days. Your meals have been delightful and nothing has gone to waste. Please feel free to call Patricia or myself about the calendar if you have questions, or go to the page and just sign up.

The best way to connect more closely with Karl's progress is through Facebook.
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As always, keep us in your prayers. Love, Tabitha.


  1. continued love and prayers. Candle lit. Thanks for the update; will pray about your decisions. God save and protect!

  2. Good news! Prayers that all continues going well.

  3. Thanks for the update. We are continuing to pray for you all.


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