Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Learning songs

I wonder how we will learn the songs of the Liturgy, or anything else for that matter. Will there be classes? Father Stephan didn't mention classes.

There are already songs that stick in my mind, and tunes, although I don't know the words because they are not in English.

Tristan and I agree that we are especially fond of the part of the Liturgy where we sing:

O Son of God who arose from the dead, save us who sing to Thee: Alleluia!

Tristan seems to know the songs better than I do, but he has spent more time in the church. Speaking of spending more time in the church, we are going tomorrow to the Ascension service and feast. It will be my first time going with all 4 kids and no husband, so I may spend my time in the hall, but I am happy to do so. I say that now.

I have not read much this week except for internet articles. I have been trying to have a simple morning prayer.


  1. I like that part too!! The liturgy is so vast, just take it in and it will come in time. I still do not know it by heart myself... all these things take time; don' worry about not knowing everything. :)

  2. You learn it by doing it. Seriously. I never had any classes - actually, I don't know of any classes to teach the hymnography of the Church. Where does your choir stand in the church? If they stand somewhere somewhat accessible, see if you can look over someone's shoulder at the music. Primarily you learn from hearing it over and over and over and over... I have only been Orthodox for about 13 years but can remember the troparia for most of the feasts and all of the resurrectional troparia. I realized this year that I have the paschal verses memorized. Cool! Handy, since I can't really stand in the choir with so many kids. Give it a little time. You'll actually be surprised at what you know.

  3. We've only be Orthodox for four years and we all already know a lot of the hymns, etc. You'll just learn it as you go along. Although, I still don't know the tones; they completely confuse me. Mat. Anna, you should write a post about the tones since you are much more competent than most of us. :)


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