Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Little Adventure

Today the two older kids are coming with me to San Francisco where we will meet with Father Irenei, who is the principal of an Orthodox school there.


  1. Is there any chance of their attending? You are so blessed!

  2. Good morning! Well, there is little chance. The Dean of Students attends our Church (and his son attends St. John's), and another parishioner's son as well. This is how I found out about it. Then I was perusing the website so I called the office to ask a question or two and they invited me to come and see. It is prohibitively expensive even for one child of ours, and I have 3 of age. There are scholarships, though, so we are keeping an open mind. I can't see how we could make it happen, but if it is 'right', who knows? Maybe I can work for the school, too, to help pay.

  3. wow...a big decision, etc... keep us posted; may God open the doors as He sees right... did not realize you were so near to there... :)

  4. who knows? we have always home schooled and love home schooling, but current circumstances make me realize we need to open our minds. private schooling will not fix our circumstances, but i want to look at all our options so that we can prepare and be more secure if something like this should happen again.

    If I had my choice, it would be St. John's. Whatever the case, we will probably still be homeschooling with Ages of Grace this fall, I just can't imagine getting all our ducks in a row before then.

  5. How exciting ! You are very blessed to even have something like that nearby.

    Selfishly, I am super excited to see how you like Ages of Grace (if you still homeschool next year). I am looking into using it too. I think that it will be great to learn along with the kids. PLEASE keep me updated on how you like it - if you end up using it. ;o)



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