Thursday, June 16, 2011

Preparing for Surgery

While we prepare practically for Karl's (open heart) surgery, we are also preparing for his Chrismation into the Church. This may happen sometime here before the surgery.

I would like to buy an icon for Karl, to make a place in his recovery room for prayer. Karl is nearly certain of his saint name, Tikhon of Zadonsk. I am not sure if me buying this for him is 'appropriate' or not. Where do you buy icons? Should I also have other icons? We only own a couple of travel icons of Theotokos and Jesus. The Tikhon icon that Karl likes is this one:

We need to make a home iconotasis in general, but things are difficult now and I can only afford just a few things for Karl's recovery. 


  1. Here are two sites. Of course it is always appropriate to buy icons. His sponsor (you've chosen sponsors?) may wish to get his icon though - that's reasonably traditional.

  2. I buy most of my mounted icons at monasteries or churches.

    But have gotten a few online, here are some of the main sites (I am a librarian and always am on the look out for such info! :) ) (this is their homepage for their icons)

    Now there is another way though. I have been in money crunch situations too, these last two years of mainly unemployment and before, when I was a student. Most of my first icons were paper, printed on photo paper. I still have them on the inside of my bedroom door :)

    Now I make icons ... really simple to do if you have a store that prints pictures and a dollar store that sells frames (I know dollar stores are not always the most ethical of places but as one person said once ....'my poverty and my politics don't match' ...

    so... I have printed icons that I find online - I clicked on the icon of St. Tikon just a minute ago and dragged it to my desk top to see what type of picture it is. It is a .jpeg file which means it can print. I save these .jpeg files onto my thumb drive and go to my grocery store and print the picture for under 1.00 and then go to the dollar store across the street with the icon and look at the frames with the printed icon picture and choose the one that goes best. most frames I get, for the 4x6 pictures are around 1.40 to 2.30...

    I have also gotten icons from icon calendars - see this post of mine for two examples of this -
    the one icon of a close up of the crucifixion was a print that the Greek monastery I go to was giving away; the other one of St. Ephraim was from a calendar and I bought the frame and the piece of blue paper I got at an art store for around 1.00.

    see the top of this post for another example and how I did it...

    some of the icons I have printed pictures of but have not framed... they are taped gently to the wall... so there are lots of affordable ways to do this...

    and paper and printed icons are used and blessed by God, I've read various stories of this. :)

    I hope that helps. I think of you all each day and have my icon to the Mother of God lit always for you and Karl and your children.

    ps: sorry if this comment had too much info at once; it's the excited I love icons and am a librarian and love sharing stuff in me...

  3. Yes, we have sponsors, our friends who first brought us to St. Nicholas. I guess I should talk to them about the idea of creating the home iconostasis in Karl's recovery room. It seems we will have quite a time finding icons for our whole family. Karl's chosen patron, Tikhon of Zadonsk, is hard to find. Harder still, though are the rest of ours: Saints Tabitha, Holy Martyr Anatoly, Matthias, Kassiani and Martin of Tours.

  4. wow elizabeth, what a great resource you are! thank you for praying for us. i may have to use your printing idea, at least for awhile. thanks!

  5. My pleasure! :) I'm a librarian and love sharing. Printing icons can be a great way to start; the main thing to understand is that once an icon is blessed you can't really throw it away... :) Sometimes when people get newer icons in my church they will give the older ones away that they do not need anymore; some of my icons I got this way and treasure them; so we don't have to fear too much about all of this. Love to you!

  6. A wonderful saint to choose! We had several icons in our home before we were chrismated, even those of our patrons.

    One cheap way it so buy the laminated prints and then mount them to mounted/stained wood. OR you can just put them in a frame.

    We have been Orthodox for over four years now and we are still working on getting the icons that we'd like to have.

    Have the rest of you chosen patrons?

  7. Hi Michelle

    Yes we have. Mine will be my name, Saint Tabitha
    Karl's Tikhon of Zadonsk
    Tristan, we're pretty sure, Saint Matthias (his birthday saint)
    Kassiopeia will have Saint Kassiani
    Anatoly will have Great Martyr Anatoly
    Romneya will have St. Martin of Tours (martin is his middle name)

  8. Those are wonderful saints!

    I have been meaning to ask: are all of your children's names of a certain ethic origin? They are beautiful!

  9. Thank you.

    None of them are of the same origin. They were each chosen after a lot of thought for that individual baby. Tristan is Welsh, Kassiopeia is Greek, Anatoly is Russian, and Romneya is unique because it is the genus of a flower that grows in California.

  10. May God grant Karl a full and speedy recovery!

    I actually have a basket of icons in my closet that I was trying to figure out where I could donate them. They've collected there for one reason or another. I truly dislike having icons collecting dust in the closet and would love to give them a new home where they will be used. If you're interested, email me your address and I will happily send them to you. jenniferhock (at)


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