Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I wish I had pictures of today, although I would not have been taking them even if I could. I was deeply involved in something so important.

Today Karl officially became a catechumen. Father Stephan visited us in Karl's hospital room and read the prayer over him. The kids and I will stick to Pentecost (this Sunday!), our planned day for the prayer. Karl is a special case now, and his process will probably be very short. Before the surgery Karl faces he will, God willing, be Chrismated and receive Communion.

I feel like writing about our day. Father Stephan arrived all smiles, waving as he came in. He is a person, someone I don't know, but he embodies something that I can't describe. The level of endearment I have for him is not realistic. Still it remains.

As he approached us, Karl and I both received the physical blessing of a priest for the first time. The act was transformative, and everything that happened after was as if in another place. Karl was prayed over, I helped say Psalms. He was anointed with special oil from the lamp of a Saint. The prayers for healing were so beautiful. They must be very old prayers, yet they touched on every aspect of my current prayers for Karl.

We also spoke as people for awhile. I shared a lot of my fear, and our story from this traumatic week. Father Stephan seemed present and thoughtful, sharing his fantastic smile with us from time to time. I felt so peaceful with him there. I think I can speak for Karl and say he did, too.

Life is beautiful, meaningful, and worth all the suffering it entails at times.


  1. Glory to God. You have been given a good priest who prays. Continuing to have my candle to the Theotokos lit for you all. Thank you for this post and keeping us updated. Will pray as you become catachumens; esp. for protection. My love in Christ...

  2. Many years! This sounds wonderful and I will change you to catechumens on my list. (:


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