Friday, June 17, 2011


"Sometimes children are ill because of the sins of the parents, in order that sorrow would destroy their thoughtless life, force them to think and change, to purify themselves from passions and vices." - from the above source.

Is this an Orthodox view of illness and God? 


  1. I've never seen this sight before. As a librarian I don't like it as I don't see how authored it or what affiliation they have. A lot of the authors they have articles on I have never heard of; it seems to have a 'hardcore' bent that may not be helpful to others and esp. to someone like yourself who is never to the faith. About the quote itself, it seems very incomplete and misleading. I would ignore it personally.

    One thing that I really appreciated about the priest who chrismated me (lots of love about him) is that he told me strait out in my catachument time that I must NEVER listen to anything that implied that I could not question it. It is okay to read something in Orthodoxy (esp. in my opinion on a website which such an odd name and then having lots of texts that are not at all about 'orthodox photos') and have doubts about it. There is a lot to get used to in Orthodoxy and lot of the sense of what is the true 'royal way' which is balanced and in the middle can take a while to gain. But you will get there. Orthodoxy is beautiful and in it's healthy true form, very balanced, freeing and life-giving.

    When you come across a website that seems off-balance and makes you feel uncomfortable, it is more than okay to not go there, such as this site may be for you. I know this site you found would not be one for me though I am sure some must like it.

    You have so much going on right now. I am going to a baptism at a monastery today and have already put you and family on the list.

    I hope my comment is helpful; I know sometimes I can be a bit intense in them but well, I am meaning well anyway! :) I am wishing you God's peace comfort and strength today!

  2. Here's a thoughtful essay:


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