Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Beautiful Paper Icons

A friend gave me these beautiful paper icons today. They were her grandfather's. What a meaningful gift!

Who are these saints? I do not know the first, the second could be one of several, but I can't read the name.

Most Holy Theotokos, Save us!

These are very fine prints that shine like gold.

Saint John the Forerunner, Saints Peter & Paul

Saint Nicholas,  Michael the Archangel


  1. The first is St. Panteleimon, the holy unmercenary. The second looks like St. George.

    What a gift!

  2. Matushka, you beat me to it! I concur- the first one is St. Pantelemon- he was a healer :-) I was also thinking St. George for the second one.

  3. Very beautiful icons! How appropriate for you to receive St. Panelemon! May your husband be healed through the prayers of St. Pantelomon!

  4. The second one is St. George... we have a bigger copy of it in our church basement and one of my friends who reads church Slavonic told me it is St. George...

    and for sure the other one is St. Pantelemion - NO question here! :) He i always seen with the box and pen shaped opbject...

    St. Panteleimon is a wonderful unmercenary healer! if you need his Akathist at any point, just send me an email okay?
    ( roosjeblog @ yahoo .ca )

    What wonderful gifts and from her family too! beautiful!

  5. St. Pantelemon's Feast Day is next week ;-)

  6. Thank you all. I did not know Saint Panteleimon by image, but I know his story. I thought the second could be Saint George or Demetrios.

    I love these icons and hope to put them in frames or on wood for our home.

    Thank you for your help!


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