Sunday, July 31, 2011

For the Dormition Fast

With the Dormition Fast beginning tomorrow, I am approaching fasting as an Orthodox Christian. I want to be clear that I am not speaking about it here to make it public, rather to clarify my thoughts on the matter.

Karl and the kids will not be making this effort. Karl is recovering from major surgery and is anemic from blood loss, so he is excluded. The kids will be learning about this with me but not expected to participate.

I expect to pray a lot during this time, because I am familiar with the weaknesses I have when it comes to food. Often, I make a slip and then give up entirely. I have printed out a single psalm for my wall to use, my favorite psalm and one I have shared here before:

Save me, O God, for the waters flood my soul. 3 I am stuck in the mire of the sea, and there is no place to stand; I came into the depths of the sea, and the storm overwhelmed me. 4 I grow weary with crying; my throat is hoarse; My eyes fail me from hoping in my God. 5 Those who hate me without a cause multiplied even more than the hairs of my head; My enemies who persecute me unjustly have become strong; Then I paid for things I did not steal. 6 O God, You know my foolishness, And my transgressions are not hidden from You. 7 O Lord, O Lord of hosts, let not those who wait for You be put to shame because of me; O God of Israel, let not those who seek You feel ashamed because of me...

14 But I, O Lord, pray with my prayer to You; It is the time of Your goodwill, O God, in the abundance of Your mercies; In the truth of Your salvation, hear me. 15 Save me from the mire, that I may not be stuck therein; Deliver me from those who hate me, and from the depths of the waters. 

Are there other prayers I can use for help in this time? I am also looking for teaching resources on the Dormition for the kids. 

And so it begins. I feel ready now. I understand the function of fasting in a way, and want to proceed. 

Today at Liturgy my cake was a success and the birthday song to Romneya was so cute. Better even was hearing Father say Romneya's name- which he pronounces correctly- and sing МНОГАЯ ЛІТА. Rome was so happy. And, so, are we.

This is the last in a series of every-day-for-a-month posts. I have made it through my first nablopomo.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog so I could discover yours! You've been through quite a lot recently, and I'm being so blessed by your story and example. Best as you start your school year...


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