Friday, July 8, 2011

the forgotten medicine

Karl's sponsor gave him this book. I read the majority of it aloud to him yesterday at the hospital. I have finished it myself. It is a good book with a fatherly voice. The first half can be a bit daunting- the language is unabashedly Orthodox- to read aloud in a public place, but we did. The overall message, I would say, is that Confession is so perfect, it is the answer to our every ailment. Also, it is so easy to do, not availing ourselves of it is a huge mistake. So, go confess!

If I had to point to a single benefit to Karl's illness it would be all the reading I have done these past weeks. I have not read so much since I was a young teen, reading mainly Nietzsche, Kant and Kierkegaard. The reading I am up to now is of a new kind, but my intentions are similar as is my unquenchable desire for more.

I am reading more than one book right now, and I feel a need to finish them one at a time and have a new policy of one at a time. They are bleeding together. I have recently finished a couple, The Faith and the layman's Philokalia book. I think I have linked to them before.

I have two new books I have not yet begun to read.  These are both tiny little pamphlets, but I have a notion that the second one here is not going to be a quick read.

I have flipped though it (Orthodox Spirituality) and like it a lot.

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