Tuesday, July 19, 2011


For some reason, even though we are a day home from the hospital where Karl (who I need to work on calling Tikhon)  had open heart surgery, part of my brain is freed up today to consider the homeschool year. Tikhon is doing well, by the way, and his medications are keeping him somewhat comfortable. He walked around our block today with Kassiopeia.

Back to homeschooling. It is my intention to use the first installment of Ages of Grace this year, which is called Age of Triumph. I have yet to purchase the curriculum (I have had a lot on my plate...) but I did buy the book list the day it was available and have compiled a plan to buy the books.

We are in a situation with the kids where we need all 3 reading levels. My 8- almost- 9 year old is slightly above level B, not quite C. C will be perfect for my read-alouds to him. My 7 year old is barely reading, so level B will be read aloud material for the whole family with her in mind. The level A books will be good for Kassi and Anatoly, many are picture heavy. I am needing to collect as many of the books as I can.

I have found that some are available as free or nearly free kindle books, especially in higher level readers when we are talking about classics such as Beowulf. Some are available on Librivox as free audio books. Many of the level A and B readers are eligible for the 4-for-3 promotion on Amazon, and I have made a list organizing those by price so as to take full advantage of the free book. The most expensive books on the list, the two volumes of the Prolog from Ohrid, are also available for free online.

We homeschool through a public charter, so very few of these purchases will be covered by the funding. We will use most of our funds for classes for Tristan & Kassi. Kassi looks forward to ballet and art class out of the home. Tristan hopes to start piano instruction, and maybe foil fencing if we can get the funding to cover it.

We are in a unique situation this year as part of a vibrant, loving Russian-speaking community at our church. We hope to use Rosetta Stone at home and learn Russian.  It is such a great opportunity to know people the kids can speak with on a regular basis. Language learning is so hard otherwise, and in fact still hard even with immersion.

We will also use old standbys for various ages:

Instructional funding will also pay for supplies and basics like Math curriculum. Our year will once again center around the middle ages, but from a Church perspective. Along with Age of Triumph's history spine we'll use The Story of the World, The Middle Ages and associated activity book. We never made it through last year. We lost our way in some crusade somewhere...

more musings on this come, I am sure.

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  1. We homeschool through a charter too! We're down in Southern California :-) You should check with your charter school to see if they have a deal with Rosetta Stone online. We were able to access the Level 1 program in Greek this past year for $75. For the whole year! And the school seemed to be fine with us doing Greek.

    About calling your husband Tikhon- I think that's cool. I have a lot of Orthodox friends who I only know by their Orthodox names- Ruth used to be Beatrice; Julianna used to be Cindy... Maybe I should introduce myself as Genevieve to people...


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