Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Inner Kingdom (part one)

This book arrived today and I was fortunate to have time to begin reading it right away. The first part details Bishop Kallistos' coming to the Orthodox Church. I have read a bit of his story before, in an article I have mentioned. I am only 24 pages into The Inner Kingdom  and I am compelled to sit down and document quotes from it.

"Yet, as I left the church, I said to myself with a clear sense of conviction: This is where I belong; I have come home. Sometimes it happens--is it not curious?--that, before we have learnt anything in detail about a person, place of subject, we know with certainty: This is the person that I shall love, this is the place where I need to go, this is the subject that, above all others, I must spend my life exploring. From the moment of attending that service... I felt deep in my heart that I was marked out for the Orthodox Church."

"I longed to be Orthodox in a total and visible way. The more I learnt about Orthodoxy, the more I realized: this is what I have always believed in my inmost self, but never before did I hear it so well expressed. I did not find Orthodoxy archaic, foreign or exotic. To me it was nothing other than simple Christianity."

"Once I perceived the integral connection between ecclesial unity and sacramental communion, everything fell into place.

Yet where did this leave me, still (as I was) an outsider, unable to receive the Orthodox sacraments?"

[in conversation with a female friend] " as I was in no man's land. "You must not continue as you are," she insisted. "the Eucharist is our mystical food: without it, we starve."

"If Orthodoxy is the one true Church, and if the Church is a communion in the sacraments, then I needed above all else to become an Orthodox communicant."

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  1. wow...I have not read this yet... I can see I will need to! thank you.


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