Thursday, July 7, 2011

My husband, forever

We are praying for Karl, and waiting together, and learning about the Church. The kinds of lessons we have to learn right now are probably easier embraced when someone is not in grave danger of death, when those who love them are not feeling so shaken.

Today is a big appointment day for us. ( I am writing this close to midnight the day before.) We hope to have a surgery window, or date of some kind after today. Last night was the last dose of IV medicine for now. I wonder if we will have to do that again after the surgery. Karl still has his PICC line, so I still have to clear his lines once a day with saline. This is nothing, however  compared to the 8 hour intervals we have been living with.

We have arranged childcare at the last minute. For the whole day- this coming from a mother who had never left her children with anyone really before this.

Here is Saint Joseph and Christ the Child. I would like this one for Karl's recovery room if I could find it.


  1. Continuing to pray for all of you.

  2. that is a beautiful icon; if nothing else you can save it and have it printed on a photo machine...

    candle lit to the Theotokos for you and Karl and your children... prayers...


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