Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rome will be 3

I named Romneya (our youngest son) after Saint Martin of Tours, the Merciful. This was long before I knew about the Orthodox Church. I love the name Martin and had read about this saint. Tikhon and I both loved Romneya but we compromised on his middle names. His full name is

Romneya Martin Grey

Rome's was my most difficult birth, but he has been the easiest child anyone could imagine. He was born with an incredible air of peace which he has even now. He is truly himself, and everyone is drawn to him. I look forward to sharing the Church with him as he grows.

Romneya was born on July 29th and so he will be 3 this Friday. Happy Birthday, Rome!


  1. Many years to your almost 3 year old!! He sounds like a deep treasure!

  2. Many Years! He sounds like a wonderful little man.


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