Saturday, July 30, 2011

Vespers, a gift, and a cake

Vespers tonight was charmed. The two littlest fell asleep on the way there. I put Romneya in a sling and carried Anatoly, who lay back down on the only bench in the back and slept through the entire service. Rome did likewise, in my arms. A peaceful evening for our family, with a beautiful drive both ways.

A friend at church- I mentioned him the other day- gave us a gift tonight. He is the man who told us about Saint Xenia. He brought us an icon of her. It was so thoughtful and unexpected! Matushka tells us to pray confidently for her intervention in finding a home and place in our new lives as Orthodox Christians.

This is the icon he gave us of Saint Xenia.

Tomorrow I am bringing a cake to church for Rome's 3rd birthday. I am using a recipe I have employed for many years, Chocolate Beet Cake. Having the parish sing his birthday song will be delightful. This incredible group of people, each family as pleasant as the next, prayed for and continues to pray for us every day. I am amazed.

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  1. that's so lovely! I love that icon of St. Xenia!


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