Saturday, July 23, 2011


We are just home from Vigil. Because Tikhon is just home from surgery, we found a trusted babysitter for the two littlest ones and took with us the two older. Tomorrow we will have our full compliment, but tonight was peaceful. Towards the end I held Kassiopeia on my lap and she told me the song was the most beautiful she had ever heard or even imagined. I feel just that same way.

I came home with 2 new books to add to my reading list, borrowed from the lending library.


I meant to get another, recommended to understand the fast, The Lenten Triodion.

I could not find it in the short amount of time I had.

I am now reading Too Many Books. The symptoms do not lie. I think I can finish The Inner Kingdom quickly if I apply myself.

I have to say I am sad that we live 35 minutes and a $5 bridge toll from our church. I do not wish to miss another service, ever. Looking at the August calendar I wonder if we can make it happen. If we were nearer...

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  1. Beautiful books. I read lots when I was a catachumen too... if you need to prioritize reading, you can always do it by liturgical order timewise :) I love to read lots of books at once too, so I understand this very much...


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