Thursday, August 4, 2011

New experience

I will stumble over words to say this, I know.

I have never experienced life in the way the Church does causes me to. I was raised in a Christian tradition, so I know about the life of Christ and 'facts' from the Gospels. I remember learning about Jesus's baptism by John the Baptist and other things of this sort. But they were never given context, or a sense of 'now'. They were just cool things to know in a world where all you had to do to be saved was accept Jesus once. They were matters of curiosity about the past and had no real bearing on us.

But that is not like this experience of God. In this experience, we are fasting for the sickbed of the Theotokos, and Christ is both Risen and newly born. At Vespers we heard the song story of the Resurrection, it is all both happening now- has already occurred- and is also but a hope. No one can be complacent. The Church Year, and how these feasts are brought to life, is amazing to me. This way of experiencing God is captivating. Somehow it plays a huge part in every moment I breathe as an Orthodox Christian.

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  1. I hear you; it is hard to believe something so good is with us now; it really is; we are under the Lord's mercy...


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