Friday, September 9, 2011

All-Consuming Homeschool

That is what I have been up to, day in and day out. But one little thing happened last night.

As Tristan was taking his first foil fencing class, I waited in view and read the book I stopped reading when homeschooling began, The Inner Kingdom by Bishop Kallistos Ware. I am about halfway through, but I flipped back a chapter to refresh my memory.

The man next to me whose daughter was also in the class peered, upside down, at the cover of my book. I held it up for him to see aright, then he asked "Is it any good?" and I said "Sure." Moments later, he asked "What is it about?" It took me a second to say "Orthodox Christianity", which is the only phrase I could really use to describe the book. He replied "Coptic Christianity?" and I, "Something like that. Eastern Orthodoxy. An example would be the Russian Orthodox Church." Well, all that is boring, but the interesting thing is his last question.

He asked, "Is it a work of fact or fiction?" to which I replied, "It depends on your perspective." Although I honestly think this specific book is written in a very factual way and requires no personal experience with Orthodoxy to understand, the fact-or-fiction-ness of Orthodoxy is such a strange thing to contemplate from my perspective.

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