Saturday, September 24, 2011


Tonight at Vespers I was fighting feelings of anger. These are completely unwarranted, but they persisted.

Why am I just now finding this relationship with God? Why not before? This is hard to reconcile with the Almighty God. My Godmother reminded me that this life is not everything. Suffering in this life has little importance. I know, and yet it is still hard to let go of the angry feelings I have, directed for the most part towards myself.


  1. sounds like you are still processing all of the changes in your life and the sudden illness of your husband.

    processing things and the past takes a while and comes up when we don't expect it. We all go through this in one form or another.

    Will light a candle for you.

  2. Welcome to the Club of the Self-Loathing. Been there done that and just recently had another encore performance. It happens when we take ourselves too seriously.


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