Thursday, November 10, 2011

Jesse Tree Project 2011

We are making ornaments for a Jesse Tree project. I thought this would be a good catechism project for our whole family, so with Father's blessing we are beginning it . There are 52 images- 40 leading up to Christmas and 12 for Christmas. We are using imagery from Festal Celebrations Yahoo group. Because the kids are doing most of the work, we are simplifying the images as we go.

We are using acrylic paints.

We have wooden discs that we bought from a reuse store. First we use gesso to make a white background.

We have only just begun and need to keep ahead of the days. These symbols, which are partially painted, represent Creation, Adam & Eve in the garden, The Fall, and Noah. There are bible readings to go with each. Every day we will hang one and do the reading.
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