Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nativity Fast

Yesterday being the first day of Advent, and the beginning of the fast of the Nativity, I am learning how to cook for a family in a Lenten way. Last night our supper was pasta, with very vegetable marinara sauce and salad. I also made French bread from Julia Child's The Way To Cook. I have used this recipe in the past but not recently.

On a recommendation, I bought a silicon mat for kneading bread upon. It is perfect! I had no idea this item was missing from my kitchen. No oil was needed for forming the loaves and no mess.
I also baked a cake for Tristan's name day today. I have a trusty vegan cake recipe which I used, and I made up a frosting from coconut oil, cocoa and coconut milk.

Today being the second day, I have soaked a mixture of beans and barley for soup.

It is difficult to be the person in charge of the food production and the person without access to a car. I need to learn to make adequate shopping lists for Tikhon.

I want to briefly mention that this is one of my favourite cook books. I tend to enjoy  cook books with foundational, basic recipes. This one is on a shelf next to only two others: Betty Crocker and Nourishing Traditions.
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