Monday, January 23, 2012

Beginning Baptismal Gowns

 Yesterday we bought 12 yards of 4.5 ounce pure linen for the Baptismal gowns. I chose linen because it is best for comfort and for keeping a long time. It may result in wrinkled little children by then end of the Liturgy, but that's okay.

For the necklines I bought several yards of bias-cut silk. This I will fashion into soft seam binding around necks.

Below you can see the 1 inch wide ribbon I bought for the crosses on the back. They are white on white, so I am not sure how visible they will be. The stitched silk over linen should provide contrast. My hope is that when these are complete, they will be
simple, functional garments.

The children and I will be wearing leggings and shirts underneath for modesty, but since we'll be wearing these for at least 3 Sundays I want them to be comfortable. I am not sure if we are instructed to keep them on for 8 days, as some things I have read suggest, but I do know we wear them to Liturgy for 3 weeks.

They will be tunics with gores made in the style of the Baptismal garment of Louis IX, which I have found a slideshow of to share. Love Flickr.

I am going to begin with Rome's gown. Prayer will be an important part of the construction. 


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