Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sewing Baptismal Garments

Here I am asking for help. I have spent some time looking for sewing instructions or patterns for the type of garment I am told we need, to no avail.

I will soon buy a bolt of linen for the garments. We need one for each, including Tristan who will not be Baptised but has been and should be wearing a garment symbolic of this at Chrismation. So, that means:

Anatoly and

From garb making for the SCA I have an idea of what we may need- 10 yards or perhaps 12. I am buying a 20 yard bolt, so this should not be a problem.

The style of garment I would like to make is not unlike the classic SCA T Tunic, but I am told it must be girded with a cloth belt, and it should be somewhat easier to put on than the T Tunic. The tunic if finished with a white cross on the back which can be made from ribbon. I am not looking to make stylised  cassocks. I just don't have the time. Is there any pattern out there, any help or resource?

If there is not, I intend to go ahead with a loose-bodiced T Tunic which has gores from the hip. I can add a belt, perhaps a tie from the back that can be wrapped around front and tied. The challenge here will be to make them easy on. Keyhole neck? Shoulder clasp? Snap down the back, even? I could do that, although I would have to be certain the closures did not gap and show backside.
The Baptismal Garment of Louis IX

Handmade infant gowns, like this one, are easy to find.

See how simple this Jerusalem- made Baptismal shirt is. 

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