Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I have not been reading very much.

I have been sewing a little each day on the gowns for the Baptisms. There is a lot of handwork and it makes a great carry along project.

We spent some portion of all 4 days of our long weekend at church. Friday night was the Commemoration for All Departed, which I found to be deeply cathartic and beautiful service. Saturday night was a Vespers service in preparation for the Sunday of the Last Judgement. Sunday, then, was obviously Divine Liturgy and the feast afterward. Monday we returned to make the beeswax candles from about 10am until 3pm. It was my first time making candles for the church and I really enjoyed it. The older children helped, too. I am sure I will always want to be present for candlemaking.

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  1. just stopping by to say I enjoy your writing here; wonderful about the candlemaking; blessed lent to you all.


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