Thursday, February 9, 2012

Martin's Gown

I started on Martin's gown yesterday.

I cut out the pieces then I set to work on the neckline. The keyhole neckline seemed good enough. The silk bias lining the "V" was my original intention for the whole thing, but as you can see I abandoned it as soon as possible.

Subsequent gowns will not have the silk bias at all. The tiny, hand stitched hem is much easier and more attractive.

They will each have a bone button - the buttons were my great grandmother's.

  Working with this weight of 100% linen is delightful. The last 'linen' I worked with was a blend, and there just is no comparison. Rolling the edge is easy, linen loves to wrinkle and in this moment, that works in my favour. I will be cursing that attribute later on, when my wrinkled children pose for post-Pascha photos.

The next step is applying the silk ribbon cross to the back. I am not sure how I will affix the ribbon while I stitch it. I am afraid pins will damage the ribbon, while adhesives may show through (and not wash out of) the silk.

The seams, as I put this together, will be flat-felled.

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