Thursday, February 16, 2012

Missing Liturgy, The Great Divorce

We were out sick from church last weekend, both services, and I miss it. Seems so long a time until Saturday night.

While I was sick I read The Great Divorce . This reading was surely first first in nearly 2 decades. I found an old paperback copy at a thrift store and bought it. What a nice, short jaunt full of thought and wonder. I am always amazed by C.S. Lewis' way of putting the desirable in with the unthinkable and making me swallow it. He is a good doctor, and despite my protest he delivers good medicine for the mind. I would like it not to be a dream. I would like, if we're making suggestions, it to be exactly what it seems and not decisions made already in life. However God works, though, he does not work my way.


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