Monday, March 5, 2012

Many Years

Today is the second birthday of a little girl from church that Kassi loves very dearly. We sang many years to her on Sunday, and after we had a party at her Godparent's house with her family. We were honoured to be there, new as we are to their lives.

Kassi anticipated this birthday and wanted to make a gift. So we made one together.

We had a wonderful time making this little dolly together. I hope it brings its recipient many years of joy.

Our party yesterday, on the Triumph of Orthodoxy, was a great feast after Pure Week. Today we return to the journey of the Great Fast. Lent so far has not been without difficulty but I love it, I can see that I will look forward to it next year.

I need to work on the other gowns- I took a break to make dolly and her Baptismal gown. I am at a point where I need to bring out my bolt of linen and cut more. My gown is uncut, and parts of the gowns for Anatoly & Kassiane.

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