Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mid Point of a Long Journey

Last night Father said two Litanies for the Catechumens, one was for all of us and the other just for we who are preparing for Illumination. There are two new catechumens since we began our catechumenate but neither are being Baptised this Pascha.

Can it really have been a year? On Palm Sunday it will have been. Looking back I can't imagine it being any other way: We first walked in on Palm Sunday, completely unaware of the nature of the Feast. We processed with the parish. We held little bouquets of pussy willow. After the Liturgy we shared salmon and wine with everyone, again unaware of the significance of that fish.

Then we didn't return for Pascha. Our kids got sick and we had other plans for "easter". Not knowing what we were missing, we did not return to St. Nicholas until St. Thomas Sunday. We had an easter egg hunt near our home. What were we doing? We lived in a different world.

I am so grateful that we missed Pascha last year. I am so happy that we will come full circle on Palm Sunday after our first Lent. I approach Holy Week with a mix of fear and expectation. I do not feel ready, but I feel for the first time just how unready I will always be.

I told Father the other day that the only thing I know about being a catechumen is that I was not ready for Baptism before Lent and I didn't know it. I meant that I am still not ready, but now I know I will not be. By the grace of God (who will vouchsafe it to be so) I will be Baptised and Chrismated and approach the chalice for the first time.

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