Thursday, March 22, 2012

Romanos and Martin

Holy Saint Romanos, pray to God for us.
Saint Romanos the Melodist was our first thought for Rome's name saint, but we had settled on Martin of Tours after awhile because it felt wrong to ignore his middle namesake. Rome's full name is Romneya Martin Grey. Still, would we really call him Martin? I would love to, it was a first name choice of mine that never made it. But to most he is Rome, and if we could we should keep his name and call on his saint whenever we said it. 

When final choices were being made, we left it up to Rome's Godfather, Nikola. I believe he has chosen Romanos, so "little Martin" will have two saints. He will be Baptised as Romanos, and be named also for Martin of Tours the Merciful. Romanos has the bigger feast day, and an icon of him hangs over the kliros. 

Holy Saint Martin, pray to God for us.

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