Tuesday, March 6, 2012

running and work out, plus gowns

I ran 2 miles last night. It was after 7pm, really later than I would like to run in the future. The streets seemed empty and I felt afraid more than once.  I am afraid of the dark.

This morning I resumed the workout video I have used over the past year. It had been awhile. As I type my hands are a little shaky.

I hope to combine these two with Lent for two reasons.

  • The first, naturally, is physical fitness. I have long needed to resume these activities. 
  • The other reason is preparation through Lent. One shameful symptom of the fast for me so far has been boredom. Life without food is boring. I am not easily bored in general. I hope to shake this boredom by giving my pitiful, bored self something to do. Go running. Work out. Get over it.

About the gowns. This is so like me: I have lost the printouts I used for the initial measurements of one of the gowns. So, I have part of Anatoly's gown cut and sewn (the main body, with the cross and neckline) but have most the measurements for the rest. I can remeasure Toly, but if my measurements differ the entire geometry of the thing will be different. Not hugely, but enough that I will have to make it work together with the part I have already cut. It is not as big a deal as I am making it, but it has been a huge discouragement so that I have not sewn on the gowns in two days. Today I plan to remedy this by doing the measurement, printing it, and moving on.

When Tikhon gets home I will have him measure me again and generate my pattern. I can't do all my measurements by myself.

I am not sure if I have mentioned this, but I do intend to make Tristan a shirt of the same cloth for his Chrismation. I am using a Folkwear pattern I already own, #104 Egyptian Shirt.

It will be made of the white linen and have the same cross applique as the gowns. 

If I am feeling like I don't have enough on my plate at that point, I may make Tikhon a Pascha shirt. Why not? I would use the same pattern as Tristan's but without a cross, just a nice formal shirt for Pascha. 

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