Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Seemed Like it Might Never Happen

I am nearing completion of the gowns. I have made 4: Mine, Kassi's, Toly's & Rome's.  Kassi's is completely finished, the other 3 need hemming and they are done. Last night I cut a pattern for a galabia-style shirt for Tikhon. I already have Tristan's cut.

The galabias will be a new thing for me. They seem fairly straightforward. I love Folkwear for easy to use patterns, so I am not anticipating too much trouble. The sizing has been really hard. This pattern has no measurements listed and I had to wing it. I erred on the side of too large and can easily make the shirts smaller if need be.

As an aside, flat felling by hand has been really good for my whip stitch.

I look forward to having all of it done.

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