Friday, March 9, 2012

Sewing Again

I am making progress today on the gowns. Remember, Martin's is done.

Martin's gown from behind. 

My workspaces are such a mess, everything is a mess right now.

Sewing area...

Knitting, books, other stuff.

Getting started today.
I cut the sleeves and gussets for Anatoly & Kassiane's gowns. Their bodices are already cut, appliqued and have finished necklines. I cut out my bodies, sleeves and gussets, and cut the applique for my cross.

Underarm gussets, I think.

sleeves and patterns.

My gown, in pieces.

My bodice with applique pinned in place.
I also brought out my galabia pattern and took a copy of the size I need for Tristan's Chrismation tunic. I have not cut the shirt from the linen yet... Tikhon says I should wait until the Baptismal gowns are done.
Folkwear 104

I think 'slender woman' will fit Tristan with modifications in length.
I began making a trial artos for Pascha. This time I used a Greek recipe involving cinnamon and allspice and sugar.
Paschal Artos v3.0

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