Thursday, April 12, 2012

Holy Week, Batman

Forgive my off-colour title. This has been a very trying week. The stomach bug got worse. Kassiopeia had to go to the Emergency room to be re-hydrated. She is home as of yesterday afternoon and is doing much better. While I was with her at the hospital, Karl came down with the bug. He was home with the 3 boys and so ill. Poor man. I came home, feeling terrible, and cleaned the house. There was laundry. Kassi is feeling even better today and Karl is off to work- Thank God he is quick to recover! The 3 boys have not been ill, yet. Two of them are complaining of stomach pains this morning. I pray it is nothing.

Tomorrow is Great and Holy Friday, the day we should be saying the Creed and beginning our process of entering the church. Then Great and Holy Saturday. I do not want to miss this.

 I confessed. It was wonderful. I am not forgiven yet. When I am Baptised, I will be forgiven.

 I want to think of a way to bring some portion of us to the service tonight. It is frightening to think of the boys coming down with this while at Church, but it seems to me they would have been sick before Karl, if they were going to get it. Karl must have contracted this while caring for sick Kassi. The boys, who have much less vigilant hygiene, have not been sick and perhaps will not be. I myself didn't become quite as ill as the others, maybe they have had some lower grade version of it.


  1. many struggles and temptations happen during Holy Week. Take courage as the Lord will carry us to Pascha. Will pray.

  2. Continuing to pray for you, especially that you are healthy!


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