Friday, April 20, 2012


Our second time. Tikhon is explaining what to do. Until Holy Saturday
I did not see what happened after the dismissal of catechumens. 


  1. I've been told that monasteries are the only places where catechumens are expected to "depart". Was this not the case with your parish or was your dismissal self-imposed?

  2. The dismissal of catechumens is not commonly practised or enforced. It is still part of the Liturgy and only missing when it is abbreviated. I was informed of this part of the Liturgy early on and I am grateful. Over the course of my catechumenate I had several well-meaning people approach me privately to let me know I did not 'have to' leave, and I responded that I didn't mind at all. I would go to the hall and read the books Father had given me, or in later days sew our Baptismal gowns where I could hear the singing.

    Catechumens and other non-Orthodox don't commonly leave at the dismissal because 1) the dismissal is often abbreviated out of the Liturgy and/or 2) someone has told them they don't 'have to' heed it. Some people might feel it would make visitors uncomfortable to insist they leave, others might say it is an old, useless tradition left over from the time of persecution.

    I did not have to see and do everything associated with Baptism in order to be received (not unlike preparing for Marriage). I cannot explain how worthwhile it was to be received in this way, and only experience the Liturgy of the Faithful post-Baptism. I still count the times I receive this amazing gift.


  3. I wonder what it would've been like had I waited, like you. I'm a catchumen and at our parish, there's one priest who does say it in the Liturgy loud enough to hear, but the other three priests when saying it, do it quietly. I've often felt the desire to depart at that time but haven't done so. There's a big hole in my chest after that part in the Liturgy. Thank you for sharing.


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