Thursday, May 31, 2012

Running, Prayer Life

I am still running. Maybe I never mentioned that here. I have been running early in the morning. Karl wakes me when it is still dark and I run, in my pajamas, with no coffee. When I return I am sweaty and slightly more awake than before. It is goo to start so early and begin the day with a workout. I only run a mile or a mile and a half. When I don't run I feel badly. While I am running, I pray.

I don't have my prayers all memorised. The common ones, yes. But there are many and I can't commit them to memory for some reason. While I run I repeat the ones I do know.

Recently, I used an app on my iPad to record myself saying my morning prayers. I hope to put them on an iPod and listen to them in the morning while I do other things. I am thinking that if I can incorporate saying them form memory into my life, I can pray my rule while I run in the dark of the morning. When I don't complete my prayers it is always for some reason like, the ids are awake and hungry and crying, there is no peace or quiet. In the night when I skip them it is because everyone is needing me, the boys won't go to bed without me and then I fall asleep too, putting them to sleep. If I had the evening prayers to recorded, I could listen and speak along with them even while I fell asleep.

I know this would not be keeping the rule Father gave me, because I should find the time to devote to prayer and prayer alone. Until I find the time (wherever it is...) memorising my prayers can help me use what peaceful time I do have (running, getting to bed) for prayer.

It is funny to hear my voice reading the prayers.

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