Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Seasons, again

I have been posting at the homeschool blog again, building up to a beginning. We thought we might take the summer off but instead we took the spring off. Now we are beginning a new round of curriculum. Yesterday I laid week 1 out on the bed to familiarise myself with the resources.

This Thursday, Ascension, marks an important anniversary for us. Last Ascension I took the kids to church with me and left Karl at home sick in bed, thinking it would give him more rest. When I came home, the ambulance was loading him up and the long summer began.

 Here we are, a year later, and Karl with us.  There were many days last summer full of doubt that we would be here.

Ascension is also important to us because it marks our 40th day post-Baptism.

I am still amazed that happened. I am still counting the times I approach the chalice.

At the same time, I am feeling less and less worthy of that approach. I feel like I should prepare a confession and let go of the failure of my post-Baptismal 40 days.

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  1. Confession is such a blessing; I'm sure your spiritual father can advise you to a schedule on this; mine did :)

    Thanking God for the good things in your life!


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