Thursday, June 21, 2012

Still House-Buying

I wish I had more to say here, but all I do is print and sign and make phone calls these days. And pray.

The house we are desperately pursuing is great:

  • It is just a few blocks from Karl's work. Not only is that great for him but it means I will have use of the car to take the kids places. 
  • It is 2 blocks from BART, useful now and later when the kids are older. 
  • It is huge. 4 bedrooms, formal dining, laundry, huge kitchen with room for dining, giant backyard of dreams. 
  • It is affordable. This is important!
  • It is 3 blocks from an OCA parish. We have never been to this parish because I always think how shy I'll feel. We have good friends who want to take us and introduce us soon, seeing as how we'll be 3 blocks away and may frequent that church especially during Lent or other busy times.
I can hardly imagine being so close to a church, walking to Vigil.

We don't know God's will for us in this. We can think of all the reasons this house is perfect and yet, if it doesn't happen we'll have to accept it and know it was for the best. It's a very hard thing for our family. The kids want a house so badly. As we fall asleep Anatoly says, "Mama, when we have a house, I want the grass to grow really tall! Into corn!"

In thee, O wandering stranger, Christ the Lord hath given us an ardent intercessor for our kind. For having received in thy life sufferings and grief and served God and men with love, thou didst acquire great boldness. Wherefore, we fervently hasten to thee in temptations and grief, crying out from the depths of our hearts: Put not our hope to shame, O Blessed Xenia.


  1. Praying for you and your family dear Tabitha!!! If this is of the Lord I pray that all obstacles be removed and all paper work be done soon. Anastasia

  2. Hi Tabitha, it was wonderful to meet you and your beautiful family, even though briefly, this Sunday. I am praying all goes through with your house. Your story about Holy week and your's daughter's (coz I have I daughter so much like yours) sickness touched me. Truly, I am so happy you are close to my brother's family... and so to mine.
    With love in Christ,

  3. Anastasia, thank you for your prayers.

    Dobrina, I am so happy to have met you! I hope another opportunity will come and we can all get together. I am sure our children would love to play. Thank you for your prayers.

    In the story about Holy Week and poor Kassi, it is Luben I refer to calling while so upset. I am forever grateful for his calm patience. I felt so hopeless. It is a wonder I was given the gifts I received in the days to follow. God is good!

    Keep in touch,
    Love, Tabitha


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