Thursday, July 5, 2012


Our two oldest children are in church camp this week. I drove them down, dropped them off and stayed a night to be sure all was well, and came home with just my two little boys.

Sometimes I have out-of-self moments where I look at what I am doing and see it with secular eyes. The worry was building for camp and I had one of these thoughts. We, who have never left our children with anyone, are abandoning them for a week with people from a church we recently gave our entire lives to at a moment's whim. From the outside this does not look 'good'.

From the inside it is perfect. 

Yes, I chose this camp as safe because it is Orthodox. But that is not the only reason I am suddenly able to trust in the concept of leaving my children with other people. I have changed. I have a trusting relationship with the church and with life. I am worried about my kids, of course. It is my new-found belief in the profound goodness of God that overcomes the worry. All the hard things in my life are nothing compared to the good things God has given me. This is and will be true for my children, too. They are going to be okay. In the same way that last summer's crisis brought us unimaginable gifts, a little homesickness or sorrow at camp will be okay in time.

I find I do not care if outsiders think I am addled. It was not long ago that I would have thought something like that myself. Who could have imagined that I would be here, feeling these things? 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kings Canyon

“I love forms beyond my own,
                 and regret the borders between us” 
-Loren Eiseley
An unexpected change in plans brought us here.

My two youngest were with me.
They took off down the path.

The paths make you want to follow them. 

It was our first time seeing giant sequoia. 

We ran through the centre of fallen trees.

It was the most beautiful place.

We picnicked underneath the giant trees.
The kids ran off to play and I stayed to pray.
I discovered I had no words to pray with
so I followed my boys on the path.

Thank you, God, for unexpected changes in plans. 
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