Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Long Absence

I have been absent, and I'm sorry. I love keeping a journal and I know that someday this blank spot will sadden me. Let me fill in where I can.

Naturally, we brought the kids back from camp safe and sound. When we returned as a family we spent a day at the retreat center, went to Liturgy at the Life-Giving Spring monastery, and drove up into Kings Canyon forest to see the trees and swim in that big, beautiful river. The kids had a great time at camp. I should not have worried. (a sentence that pretty much sums me up)

We were during this time completely mired in home-buying treacle, but looking back I have a hard tine remembering what specifically we were doing. Loan conditions, funding, things like that. It still very much felt as though it would not happen. It felt that way until the last day, when we were called to sign and record! That's right, we got the house. We own a house. We served notice to the tenants 24 hours later and are waiting, no, to take possession. We bought a house!

Every day I pinch myself when I remember.  And I thank God.

The day after we signed on the house, our dear friends took us to Vigil at the church just a short walk away from 'home'. It felt so good to be there and know that this house was God's will. All the work we put into it would have been nothing if God had not willed this for us. As we venerated the icons we found one tiny icon of Blessed Xenia, whose intercessions help families find homes near their church community.
The church near our new house.

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