Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Preparing for the Bazaar

We make soap. We learned years ago from a good friend who has been making and selling soap for a long time. Her gift to us has become a gift to many others. I am so glad we can share it.

Gathering essential oils for this
years' soap.
We just made the soap we'll be selling at St. Nicholas' Annual Bazaar. It is very fine olive oil soap. So far, we have unscented, unscented with oatmeal, lavender, lavender with oatmeal, sweet orange, cocoa-peppermint, frankincense and myrrh, and ylang-ylang. If we can get to it we will also make eucalyptus.

I collect the best, affordable olive oil I can
in between soapmaking sessions.
We only use natural essential oils. I am sensitive to chemicals and artificial fragrance oils. If you are like me and need natural soap at home you know how expensive it can be. Learning to make soap ourselves saved us a lot of money. I do want to teach others at our parish to make it for their own use, but I have not found the time in a year. I feel badly about that. Four kids, buying a house, just life I guess.
Tikhon measures essential oil.
We sold a lot of soap at last years' Bazaar and then much more over the course of the year. It sells especially well on days like St. Nicholas Day when we have many visitors. This year we're putting a gift basket of the soap in the silent auction.

Pouring the soap into molds.

Tikhon cuts soap 24 hours after pouring it.

Soap curing before packaging.

I hope to teach more members of our parish and perhaps other parishes this winter. We have a move coming up, so it will have to be after we settle into our new home. Everything associated with St. Nicholas is the greatest gift I have ever received, and I am full of desire to give back.
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