Homeschooling Overview

You can read about our Homeschooling year at Tikhonov Homeschool.


  1. Our oldest will be officially starting Kindergarten this year. For our Orthodox Faith I try to use some of the free resources on the web: Let Us Attend Gospels, Reading for Under the Grapevine Podcasts and the OCA Saints Activity Books. Next year I plan on using Ages of Grace and Story of the World. I would love to hear how it works for you using the two.

  2. Thanks for commenting. Yes, I hope to document as much as I can this year. We are also preparing for the possibility that we will not homeschool next fall, but put the kids into the Orthodox Academy. This remains a huge unknown but there is a chance.

    Now all I have to do is find a way to buy the books for Ages of Grace! I will be documenting that as well- the least expensive way to collect the books.

  3. Thank you! Had we not been moving we would have enrolled our oldest at an orthodox school here in Arizona. Our priest sent his children to the academy in San Francisco when they lived in the area. They all have found memories of their time there.


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